“Weaver really pushes the music into shape with his big, rounded bass lines and energetic improvisations.” (Richard Cochrane, Musings)


“Mark Weaver aims to correct all assumptions that the big horn is lacking mobility… he delivers bass lines with a buoyant feeling and deep tone.”  (Steve Vickery, CODA magazine)


“Weaver can sound like a keyboard bass, a vacuum cleaner, or a stylus lifting roughly off an LP.”  (Larry Nai, Cadence magazine)


“Weaver reveals once again - that the tuba is just as agile and versatile as a string bass.”  (Dan Warburton, Bagatellen.com)


“Mark Weaver's dexterity on tuba is…impressive, putting him in the same league as Bob Stewart, Joe Daley, or Howard Johnson.”  (Larry Nai, Cadence magazine)


“Tuba master Mark Weaver (is) clearly the baddest tuba player in town, but beyond that, he brings a tough and tender tonality to the instrument that defies categorization.”  (August March, Weekly Alibi)