Mark Weaver selected discography

(recordings as leader or co-leader):

- DO TELL “Hotend – The Music of Julius Hemphill”  (Amirani AMRN 043)

- UFO Ensemble “Phenomenology” (Plutonium 008)

- BRASSUM  "Live"  (pfMENTUM CD 036)

- BRASSUM "Warning Lights"  (Plutonium 003)

- AMH trio  "Live at Field & Frame"  (Plutonium 001)

- Desert Sweets “A Place Meant for Birds”  (BalancePointAcoustics bpa-5)
- Mark Weaver & Patti Littlefield “Resonance”  (Plutonium 006)

- MAD Trio  “mad trio”  (Black Phone Records BPR 111)

- PROTUBERANCE "Treated and Released"  (Zerx 019)
- Biggi Vinkeloe/Mark Weaver/Damon Smith  “Desert Sweets” (BalancePointAcoustics 004)

- RADIUS  "Witch of Agnesi"  (Plutonium 004)

- BaBa “Rosetta” (Café Jazzed 2015)

- Riverside Jass Trio  "That's a Plenty"  (Café Jazzed 2014)

- Mighty Bull Durhams feat. Scot Ray "Juniperus Deppeana" (limited release CDR)

- Tatsuya Nakatani/Mark Weaver "Weaver Nakatani"  (limited release CDR)

(recordings as a bandmember):

- Dan Clucas' Lost Iguana Ensemble “Do You Know the Ways”  (Plutonium 007)

- J.A. Deane  "Out of Context"  (Zerx 013)
- Mark Weber  "Boundless Coalescence"  (Zerx 009)

- Harris Eisenstadt  "Fight or Flight"  (Newsonic 32)

- Harris Eisenstadt  "Ahimsa Orchestra"  (NineWinds 0237)

- Michael Vlatkovich  "Across 36 Continents"  (pfMENTUM CD 030)

- A Hawk and a Hacksaw  “Darkness at Noon”  (Leaf BAY 43V)

- A Hawk and a Hacksaw “The Way the Wind Blows”  (Leaf BAY 51V)

- A Hawk and a Hacksaw “Délivrance”  (Leaf BAY 64V)

- A Hawk and a Hacksaw “Cervantine”  (LM Duplication)

- Jeff Kaiser  "17 Themes for Ockodektet"  (pfMENTUM CD 010)

- Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet  "13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic"  (pfMENTUM CD 013)

- Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet  "The Alchemical Mass"  (pfMENTUM CD 019)

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