A trombone and baritone horn player in high school, Mark Weaver was 26 before he realized that it was the sound of the tuba for which he was looking. Since then, he has performed, toured, and recorded in a range of music ensembles including new-music groups, poetry+music ensembles, and collaborations with film and theater productions. Born in Albuquerque NM in 1958, Mark has been responsible for producing hundreds of regional music events with local and international artists, most visibly with "THE ROOST Creative Music Series" which presented 57 shows at various Albuquerque venues between 2009-2015.


Mark's group UFO Ensemble (brass+drums quartet exploring original compositions and improvisations) was featured at the 2012 annual UNM Composer's Symposium/Outpost Creative Soundspace Festival, and also at the 2016 New Mexico Jazz Festival.


His current activity includes collaborations with regional and touring artists, solo performance, jazz and chamber music ensembles, and various NM based groups.


previous work includes collaborations with:

multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeremy Bleich (2011-2015)

multi-woodwind player/composer Anthony Braxton (2003)

trumpeter/composer Bill Clark (2007-2011)

trumpeter/composer Dan Clucas (2001-2018)

multi-instrumentalist/composer J.A. Deane (1997-1998)

percussionist/composer Harris Eisenstadt (2000-2007)

violinist/composer Malcolm Goldstein (2003)

trombonist/composer Mark McGrain (2012)

cornetist/composer/conductor Butch Morris (1998)

percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (2005-2018)

trombonist/composer Roswell Rudd (2000)

dbl-bassist Damon Smith (2001-2015)

woodwinds player Biggi Vinkeloe (2001-2015)

percussionist Alan Zimmerman (2018)